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2021 Population Census

Statistics Canada

The Next Population Census Will Take Place In May 2021.

For over a century, Canadians have drawn  on census data for information on how the country is evolving and what matters most to its population.  We rely on key socio-economic trends and the analysis of census data to make important decisions that impact our families, neighborhoods and businesses directly. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Statistics Canada has adapted its procedures to ensure that the 2021 Population Census is conducted across the country in the best and safest way possible.

Census jobs
Statistics Canada is currently hiring approximately 32,000 people for census enumerator and crew leader positions across Canada. Be part of a great undertaking and join our 2021 Census team!

Rawdon’s municipal council supports the 2021 Census and encourages all residents to fill out their census questionnaire online.  The information gathered will ensure that  your community has the data it needs for planning schools, daycare, housing, hospitals, emergency services, roads, public transportation and employment skills training.