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Accès-Loisirs Lanaudière

Accès-Loisirs – What is it?

It is a program developed by Accès-Loisirs Québec, that:

  • Promotes access to recreational activities;
  • Works with various partners to offer available spaces in recreational activities;
  • Was designed for families, children and single people who have a low income;
  • Offers activities for all ages;
  • Offers activities free of charge.

Why register?

Simply because…

  • The cost of recreational activities is sometimes high for many citizens and families;
  • Participating in recreational activities is an effective way to feel like an equal citizen;
  • Each of us wants to take care of ourselves;
  • Poverty breeds isolation.


Are you eligible?

To be eligible, your before-tax income must be below the income threshold set by Statistique Canada 2017 :

1 person $25 338
2 people $31 544
3 people $38 780
4 people $47 084
5 people $53 402
6 people $60 228
7 people $67 055


To benefit from the program, you must make your way to the service point with the following documents:

  • Proof of income (social assistance card, income tax slip from the Régie des rentes indicating your family income and number of dependent children, most recent pay stub);
  • The most recent report card of the children in your care;
  • Proof of residence.