Bicycle Circuits







Come and experience our bicycle circuits  (click on the map to download in pdf format)
















  • The Circuits de Lanaudière cycling circuits use public roads.
  • Please respect the highway code.
  • The Circuits de Lanaudière cannot be held responsible for incidents occurring on the circuits.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if any traffic signs are missing or damaged.



How to download a GPX route:

  • Choose a route
  • Download the GPX document to your computer
  • Connect your GPS device to your computer (Garmin, Wahoo, or other)
  • Copy the downloaded document into the ‘’New files’’ file on your GPS device
  • Disconnect your GPS device from the computer and turn it off
  • Restart the GPS device and choose the route that appears in the “Route” section of the device.
  • Access the circuit regardless of the starting point (all of the circuits are complete loops, so there is no need to go to the starting point)


GPX routes for download



“Jaune” Circuit


  28 km


“Orange” Circuit






19 km









27 km








33 km









37 km








55 km










94 km








“Vert” Circuit




48 km













62 km










76 km










83 km






“Violet” Circuit





20 km












30 km










40 km









60 km











80 km











100 km
























There are 33 km of groomed trails for hiking and mountain biking. For more information, click here