Friday August 9th, 7 pm at the municipal beach, down in the pine forest – 3304 8th Avenue

In case of rain, the activity will be held at école Marie-Anne – 4567 du Mont-Pontbriand St.

1. Classical Concert

Rosalie Lane Lépine, soprano, accompanied by Hakim Boudaa, pianist, will offer us a repertoire of love songs. The duo will present a potpourri of French melodies, Lieder, and Italian operatic airs that speak of love. You will hear excerpts from the greatest composers of past centuries, including Mozart, Rossini, Schumann, Strauss and Poulenc. Come and listen to Cherubino whisper sweet nothings into your ear, or to Queen Semiramide as she longs for her lover!




2. Humorous bilingual public reading with Faux-amis

Friday December 24th. The situation is critical. Saydie, a video game store coordinator from Montreal, is in Québec City. Her mission: to recover the figurines that Nicolas, a young indomitable sculptor, has held off on delivering, and to bring them to Toronto as quickly as possible. Travelling together from the Capitale-Nationale to the Queen’s City becomes the only possible compromise, but the holiday season prolongs the journey. Faux-Amis talks about social hierarchy, cultural and linguistic conflicts, the Canadian landscape and undoubtedly of budding love.

Get ready to laugh and to have a wonderful evening!






Saturday August 10th at the municipal beach – 3304 8th Avenue

22 Dragons Rawdon is proud to be hosting the 16th Rawdon Dragon Boat Festival! Once again, this year, we are expecting about 30 teams of 20 paddlers from all over the province of Quebec.

The race distances in this competition are 200 m and 400 m. For the past two years, this festival is also the last step for some teams to compete for the Student Cup.

Races begin between 8:30 and 9 am and finish at around 3 pm.

For additional information: 450 916.7896 /



Saturday August 17th, 10:30 am at Nichol Park – 8th Avenue

In case of rain, the activity will be held at the beach chalet – 3304 8th Avenue

Come as a family and join us in the pine forest at Nichol Park to enjoy a lively tale. Get ready to participate! Bring your lunch and your chair and enjoy the water play area afterwards.



Saturday August 17th, 8 pm at Place Rawdon – park facing Town Hall

In case of rain, the show will be held at the Collège Champagneur – 3713 Queen St.

With over 300 000 albums sold throughout her 20 year career, IMA’s reputation is well established. With her soft and sensual voice, she knows how to captivate her audience and touch their hearts. IMA takes us on a musical voyage on lascivious rhythms of Jazz, Bossa-Nova, Soul and gypsy style that blend together for our greatest pleasure. Thanks to a repertoire that includes great classics in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, as well as her own compositions, IMA and her musicians offer us a colorful, warm and authentic world tour.








Saturday August 24th at La Terre des Bisons – 6855 Parkinson Rd.


Forget about the easy way around, you will have to face 25 obstacles on an exciting course without getting caught. Well, you have 3 chances. But beware, if you arrive at your destination with having kept at least one escape flag, you will have to go through the dungeon…dark and full of surprises!

For additional information:



Saturday August 24th, Place Rawdon at dusk – park facing Town Hall

In case of rain, the activity will be cancelled



Bring your blankets and your chair. Pyjamas accepted! A great family outing!








Sunday August 25th at Kinadapt – 1800 Laurin St.


MEC races are now the largest series of races in Canada. We are expecting over 500 people to participate in this trail race; 1 km events for children, 5 km, 10 km and 20 km. It is a very friendly event and very popular with families. For those who would like to camp on site for an additional experience, contact Kinadapt: 450 834.4441 /

To register, click here




August 31st from 10 am to 2 pm in Town Hall parking lot

La Récolte is a market, overseen by the Rawdon Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Municipality of Rawdon. It’s goal is to offer citizens, growers, harvesters and small scale processors a local venue to promote the agro-food cultural heritage of the region; a friendly place where locals and visitors have access to a variety of quality foods, fresh or processed, in keeping with a respect for nature.
To ensure that this project develops smoothly and takes root, there will be 3 events in Rawdon during the summer of 2019, bringing together about 15 exhibitors. We will take this opportunity to gather valuable information and constructive feedback from the stallholders and customers, to open the market officially in 2020.
For more information please contact Josianne Proulx, coordinator at the Rawdon Chamber of Commerce by telephone at 450 834.2282 or by email at