Fire Prevention Week

October 6th to 12th Did you know that … In case of a fire, it can take less than 3 minutes for smoke to engulf your home. Preparing an evacuation plan and evacuation drills can save your life and the lives of loved-ones! Make sure to have a smoke alarm that is in good working

The HHW Transfer Centre will be open for the last time this season

Friday October 18th, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm – 2101 Adélaïde St. (access via 5th Avenue) You can drop off all toxic, flammable, explosive or corrosive products. Learn more Info: 450 834-5441, ext. 7034

Use cosmetics safely

Cosmetics are often a part of our daily routine, but did you know that under certain conditions, germs can grow?                               Most cosmetics contain preservatives. These important ingredients help keep bacteria from growing in the product. To make sure your cosmetics

Bullying : A problem youth can’t always solve on their own

Did you know that, in most cases, it requires only a few minutes of intervention to put a stop to bullying?                       Especially if adults act immediately and in a consistent manner.   Some physical, psychological and social bullying happen among children as young as

Green Waste Collection

A special collection for surplus garden waste is scheduled for the week of November 4th Please put your garden waste in orange or transparent bags and leave them at the curb on Sunday night or early Monday morning. If you would like to dispose of your green waste prior to  this date, you can drop

Registration to the Champion de lecture contest

La Grande Marche Pierre Lavoie

Saturday October 19th, 11 am at Ski Montcalm – 3294 Park St. Rain or shine! FREE! With friends, family and their family doctor, participants walk a 5 km loop in various participating municipalities. The course is planned to be accessible to all. To register: Several activities! Hiking (access to the summit by chairlift) •

Explore-Tout Club 9-12 yrs

10 am to 11:30 am, at the Alice-Quintal library Do you like to examine, research, study, browse, inspect, observe, scrutinize and touch? Then this activity is for you! With Marie-Lou St-Onge. September 21st – The 5 senses Blind taste tests, musical quizzes, mysterious smells to guess… We are going to discover the power of the

Breakfast Chat “How to discover your full potential through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Friday October 18th, 9:30 am at the Alice-Quintal Library – 3643 Queen St. Mélina Miousse Mousseau, a holistic therapist at the Relais Mieux-Être in Rawdon, shows us, in an interactive way, the art of regaining full power in our lives! Cradled between theories, anecdotes and practice of concrete and effective tools, let yourself be inspired

Opening of our recreational tourism sites

Dorwin Falls Park and Cascades Park 2019 Schedule  May 18th to June 9th: 10 am to 4 pm  (weekends only) June 15th to September 2nd: 10 am to 8 pm (7 days a week) September 7th to October 14th: 10 am to 8 pm (weekends only)