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Citizen’s Quarter

The Citizen’s Quarter is one of the major priority projects in the development of the Municipality of Rawdon and is part of the 2016-2030 Strategic Plan.

Envisioned as a modern living environment, this large space will be the backdrop for the new library, an exhibition hall, broadcast venues, community garden, modern playgrounds and pleasant rest areas.

The concept includes 4 outdoor venues arranged by themes: heritage, art, youth, as well as the Place de la diversité, where we will celebrate Rawdon’s cultural mosaic and the 40 different communities that live here.

The inauguration of the Citizen’s Quarter, located between Metcalfe Street, Church Street and 4th Avenue, is scheduled for 2023.  The total cost of the project, including acquisitions, site development, improvements and construction, is estimated at 5 million dollars.

With an objective of bringing together all generations of the community, the Citizen’s Quarter will be an integrated and visionary living space. Everyone will have a place to socialize, move and have fun.

The concept includes 4 outdoor venues arranged by themes: heritage, art, youth, as well as the Place de la diversité, where we will celebrate Rawdon’s cultural mosaic and the 40 different communities that live here.

The Citizen’s Quarter will highlight Rawdon’s built and intangible heritage.  Local shops and restaurants within the quarter will be integrated into the project to create a dynamic and inclusive living environment.

The Citizen’s Quarter is one of the major projects listed in Rawdon’s 2016-2030 Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development.

If it appears in this plan, it is because in 2016, during the ‘’Rêver Rawdon’’ process, citizens expressed their wish to have a space that reflected the community’s image. A public consultation on the development of an integrated living environment was held on September 21st, 2019 at College Champagneur.  Over 80 Rawdon citizens made their needs and expectations known.

It is during this exercise that the following aspects were raised and integrated into the guidelines of the project’s design:


  • Need to promote active transportation and plan to add bicycle racks and drinking water fountains onsite;
  • Addition of a pedestrian link to the parking spaces planned outside of the Citizen’s Quarter;
  • Build a skateboard park and set up a community garden in collaboration with local partners;
  • Install lighting for holding activities in the evening;
  • Ensure accessibility to people with reduced mobility throughout the site;
  • Integrate soundproof studios in the new library for individual or small group work;
  • Give careful consideration to the energy efficiency of buildings and integrate sustainable solutions into the project.

September 2019

A preliminary integrated project plan, which meets with the guidelines and needs expressed by citizens and the Municipality of Rawdon, was filed with the Massicotte Maloney architectural firm.




Even if it took up a lot of our administrative team’s time, management of the health crisis did not prevent the Municipality of Rawdon from developing the Citizen’s Quarter.

In the spring and summer of 2020, several steps leading to the ground-breaking were accomplished:

  • Financial evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site preparation
  • Planning for the call for tenders



The call for tenders was launched, to award the contract for professional services.

The objective is to obtain the final plans and specifications for work to be carried out on the building that will house the new library (3583 Metcalfe Street- former Tinsco), to build an ecological parking lot, to undertake renovation work on the exterior of the Metcalfe Centre.

The citizens of Rawdon expressed their views on the nature and design of the project.  They are being called upon once again, but this time to decide on the strong visual identity that will be associated with the development of the space.

They must confirm their preference between two options, inspired by the symbolism of the Rawdon logo.

You have until October 30th to cast your vote for your favorite logo!

By participating, you become eligible to win a prize worth $100 in products and gift cards from our local merchants.

En participant, vous courez la chance de gagner des produits et cartes cadeaux chez nos marchands locaux d’une valeur de 100$.

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