Respect these instructions

  • Stay home
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • When outdoors, keep a distance of at least 2 meters from others – when you come back, wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • No gatherings – Have you witnessed a gathering? You can contact the Sûreté du Québec at 310-4141. Due to the large volume of calls, we kindly ask you to be patient.
  • No non-essential travel between regions, cities and neighborhoods
  • 14 day self-quarantine for all travellers returning home

We save lives!


Resource list for adults


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To stay on top of developments as well as the latest news, check out this page on our website and our Facebook page regularly. We are here for you. Please remember that for municipal emergencies outside our office hours, call 450 834-2596 ext. 8


May 15th 2020

  • Thanks to Alain Lépine for his online show yesterday.  On the next Jeudis Apéro : the group Nos Deux on May 21st at 5 pm on our Facebook Live.
  • Pick-up of green waste during the week of May 18th.  It very important to place your leaves in transparent, orange or paper bags.
  • The boat launch ramp opens today at the Cascades Park.  By appointment only : 450 834-8213.
  • Congratulations to all of our employees who have been working very hard during the last 7 weeks to keep things running smoothly so that it does not appear too much that the Municipality is under confinement.


May 12th 2020

  • Last Sunday, for Mother’s Day, 162 volunteers visited 8 of our seniors’ residences, to play a song dedicated to mothers from their car radio.  The song was broadcast on CFNJ radio.  Thank you to Michel Harnois and all of the volunteers.
  • There will be a Héma-Québec Blood Donor Clinic on May 28th and 29th, by appointment only (1 800 343-7264).  We need volunteers!  Please contact Mireille Guilbeault at 450 834-2596 ext. 7114.
  • Bulky Item Pick-up – It is important to call Compo Recycle in advance. Please call 450 882-9186 ext. 306 and leave a message with your address and the list of items to be picked up. Otherwise, the truck may not come by.
  • As part of the Jeudis Apéro this week, Alain Lépine and 2 of his friends will perform on the Municipality’s Facebook live, beginning at 5 pm.
  • There is a bottle drive at Collège Champagneur to raise money for the Les Amis du Collège Champagneur foundation.  From Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 3 pm, Mr. Beaupré will be there to welcome you at the school, via the Albert St. entrance, to collect your beer bottles and cans.


May 8th 2020

  • Thank you to Martin Deschamps for his performance yesterday on our Facebook live, as part of our Jeudis Apéro.  Do not miss the next performance on Thursday May 14th at 5pm, by one of our employees Alain Lépine, who has an extraordinary voice.
  • A reminder for Mother’s Day : we invite you to go visit your mother or grand-mother all the while staying outside.  At noon sharp, you can have her listen to a special song dedicated to her, from your car radio on CFNJ!  Thank you to all of the volunteers who will  make their way to our seniors’ residences to help celebrate Mother’s Day!


May 5th 2020

  • Congratulations to Mrs. Mary Menard of Rawdon, who has been involved in volunteering almost all of her life, especially with Solidarité Sociale de Rawdon.  She was awarded a medal by the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec.  When the situation permits it, we will take a photo and publish it to highlight this great event.
  • The Hazardous Household Waste Transfer Centre will open every Friday, from May 8th through September and also on October 16th, from 9 :30 am to 12 :30 pm and 1 :00 pm to 4 pm.
  • Mother’s Day – There are many mothers and grandmothers in confinement in seniors’ residences.  Consequently, we invite the public to celebrate with us this Sunday May 10th at noon sharp.  In collaboration with Radio CFNJ FM 99.1 and 88.9, whom we thank, a song will be dedicated to them in honour of Mother’s Day. We are still looking for about 30 volunteers to drive their cars to our seniors’ residences.  Special thanks to Ms. Amélie Bolduc, who has already found approximately 40 volunteers to participate in this event.
  • Jeudis Apéro – Martin Deschamps will show us a great time on our Facebook live, this Thursday at 5 pm.



May 1st 2020

  • We would like to thank the people who parade in the streets in their car displaying the “ça va bien aller” rainbow, and who honk their horns to thank our ‘’angels’’ working in the seniors’ residences.  We would need you on Mother’s Day to do something special at noon.  Could someone from your organization please contact us at 450 834-2596, ext. 7160.
  • Thanks and congratulations to Provision Compassion,  for their hard work since the very beginning of the containment. Food is distributed to people in financial difficulties  on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • According to the Premier’s instructions, de-confinement will begin on Monday.  The situation is good in our region, therefore it is important to remain disciplined and thorough.


April 24th 2020

Good news!

  • The Ecocentre reopens today! Please check out the guidelines before going: click here
  • Facebook: Gardening videoclips will be available soon: Stay tuned!
  • National Volunteer Week: Thank you to all of our volunteers for your great work. We are grateful to have you and your contribution is very helpful.
  • New: Thursday Apéritifs: Performances on Facebook Live beginning May 7th.  First up: Martin Deschamps. Join our Facebook page!

There are few COVID-19 cases in our region but, nevertheless, there are some.  Please remain careful and thank you for your cooperation.


April 17th 2020

  • Thank you to all of our volunteers! We invite you to share your stories and anecdotes at We will then share them!
  • Buy Loca l- All is well!  Please continue supporting our local merchants.  Join the Buy Local Rawdon Facebook page.
  • Sûreté du Québec – In order to free up the telephone lines, for any public health questions, please visit, where you will find a lot of information.
  • Reminder – Please follow the social distancing guidelines.


April 14th 2020

  •  Recyc-Québec is asking us to dispose of facial tissues, gloves and masks in a closed bag, in the trash.
  • The entire Roadwork team is on the job to fix the damage caused by yesterday’s heavy rain. The employees are following social distancing guidelines.
  • Great news! Two graders have begun their tour of our unpaved roads.
  • It is strictly forbidden to burn open fires at this time. For more information on how to dispose of leaves and branches, visit
  • The Council meeting will be held behind closed doors on April 15th.  You can send us your questions concerning the agenda until 4 pm on April 15th at


April 10th 2020

  • Thank you to all those who decorated their windows with a rainbow drawing  « ça va bien aller ».
  • A message from the Sûreté du Québec to the parents of teenagers:  keep an eye on what your kids are doing on social media.
  • Compliance with the instruction of no travelling between regions is very important.  Please respect it.
  • We encourage you to stay in touch with each other by telephone or via social media.


April 8th 2020

  • The Matawinie RCM is the least affected by the coronavirus in Lanaudière.  Thanks to everyone for respecting  the Public Health guidelines.
  • The Solidarité Sociale Rawdon organization will be offering food vouchers this weekend.  Please call 450 834-4911.
  • Small and medium businesses may be eligible for provincial and federal subsidies.  For more information, visit the Matawinie RCM website.


April 4th 2020

  • The toilet is not a waste bin! To avoid blockages in our sewer network or at the sewage treatment plant, please do not dispose of cleaning wipes or gloves in the toilet. Throw them in the trash.
  • Have you witnessed a gathering? You can contact the Sûreté du Québec at 310-4141. Due to the large volume of calls, we kindly ask you to be patient.
  • Color some çavabienaller rainbows and hang them up in your window!


April 1st 2020

Government measures COVID-19 – Support for businesses and assistance program for workers
Consult the Matawinie RCM website


March 31st 2020

  • All parks are closed. We have installed ”Danger” banners to block access to our play modules and have posted ”Parc Fermé” signs at the entrances to our parks. We thank you for complying with these guidelines.
  • Registration for day camp has been postponed.


March 30th 2020

  • There are no flooding problems yet.
  • Spring Cleaning begins! The mechanical sweeper will be on the road soon, to remove as much sand as possible to prevent blockage in the sewer system.


March 26th 2020

The next council meetings will be held in closed sessions
To read the special communiqué, click here


March 23rd 2020

  • The administrative offices remain closed, however you can contact our staff by calling 450 834-2596 or by email at  Services are maintained.
  • Groceries delivery service for seniors 70 years of age and over. The Municipality is implementing a plan to assist seniors so as to encourage them to stay home.  In addition to receiving personalized phone calls, citizens 70 years of age and over who have no family members or friends to help them, will be eligible to have their groceries delivered by calling our customer service line at 450 834-2596 ext. 0.  The order will be placed with one of our local grocery stores within 24-48 hours.  Some pharmacies are also accepting orders by telephone.
  • 2nd tax instalment postponed. The Municipal Council has announced that the second tax instalment, due April 20th, will be postponed to June 1st 2020.  If you are paying your taxes with post-dated cheques, the Municipality will automatically cash your April 20th cheque on June 1st , unless advised otherwise. To consult the next tax payments, click here.


March 16th 2020

Daycare Service
The Centre de la petite enfance Tirelou and the school daycare services have opened their doors for emergency childcare services for children 0 to 5 years old whose parents work in the health, social  and essential service sectors.


March 14th 2020

  • Closure of the municipal library, the Metcalfe Centre and the beach chalet.
  • Cancellation of all municipal activities, including all swimming activities.
  • Cancellation of registrations for the Recreation and Culture spring activity program.


General information
Qué – 450 644-4545

Blood donation


Buy local


Protecting your well-being in the CoVID-19 pandemic


COVID-19 Frauds
To read the Bulletin from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, click here


Self-Care Guide – COVID-19


Decision Fact Sheet – COVID-19


Stress, Anxiety and Depression Associated With the Coronavirus COVID-19 Disease


The Premier’s press briefings
Visit François Legault’s Facebook page

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection
An entire web page is dedicated to supporting families during the Covid-19 crisis, including information for:

  • Families and caretakers
  • Schools and educators
  • Organizations serving children

The page also includes ways in which the public can help share this information with more families.  To view the page, click here.


Bus service
Until further notice, the Joliette, Montcalm, Matawinie and d’Autray RCMS are obliged to cease operations of several of their bus routes


List of community organizations in the Matawinie






Video broadcast by Radio Canada
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