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Resource list for adults


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To stay on top of developments as well as the latest news, check out this page on our website and our Facebook page regularly. We are here for you. Please remember that for municipal emergencies outside our office hours, call 450 834-2596 ext. 8


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General information
Qué – 450 644-4545

Blood donation


Buy local


Protecting your well-being in the CoVID-19 pandemic


COVID-19 Frauds
To read the Bulletin from the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, click here


Self-Care Guide – COVID-19


Decision Fact Sheet – COVID-19


Stress, Anxiety and Depression Associated With the Coronavirus COVID-19 Disease


The Premier’s press briefings
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The Canadian Centre for Child Protection
An entire web page is dedicated to supporting families during the Covid-19 crisis, including information for:

  • Families and caretakers
  • Schools and educators
  • Organizations serving children

The page also includes ways in which the public can help share this information with more families.  To view the page, click here.


List of community organizations in the Matawinie