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Environmental news

300 shoreline shrubs given away in 2021
For the second time this year, the Municipality of Rawdon gave away 300 shrubs to shoreline property owners, who planted them on about 40 properties. These shrubs will grow and provide food and habitat for wildlife, while filtering water runoff and stabilizing the soil.  The health of the lakes is sure to improve.  Thank you to all who participated.

3 classes at École Saint-Louis get together to join the fight against climate change
Once again this year, the Municipality of Rawdon is sponsoring 3 classes to participate in the Bourse du carbone Scol’ERE project. Our students will thus be able to take part in a unique educational program that will help them understand climate change and the impacts of our consumer choices, to suggest potential solutions (consumption, energy, transportation, waste) and rally those around them through eco-responsible family challenges. For more information, visit the Carbone Scol’ERE website.


Water conservation kits


Available free of charge to citizens who are connected to the municipal aqueduct!

This kit allows you to reduce water consumption in your bathroom (40% less water used), without compromising your comfort.  It also saves up to $100 in electricity per year (based on a household of 4).  The products are Watersense approved.

Each kit includes a shower head (fixed or hand-held), a bathroom and kitchen faucet aerator, a Teflon tube, a shower hourglass as well as instructions.

To obtain your free kit, drop by the Town Hall reception desk.