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Invasive Alien Species (IAS)

An invasive alien plant is a plant that is native to another continent, another region of North America or simply another province of Canada, which is able to grow and reproduce in a habitat in such a way that it represents a threat to a region’s biodiversity, economy or society.

When an invasive alien species colonizes an environment, it usually forms monocultures, changing the landscape and altering the habitats of native species (which live within their natural range and dispersal potential).

Certain plants were introduced to the province of Québec quite accidentally (i.e. through ballast waters from ships) or intentionally (plant imported for its ornamental qualities, that ran wild outside the garden).

It is important to know how to identify them and how to control them, so as to prevent them from spreading.

Please check out the following fact sheets to learn about the different invasive alien species: