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Residual waste

To minimize the waste we produce, especially the type that is destined for landfill, we need to review certain lifestyle habits and apply the 3RC-D principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost and lastly Discard.

Reducing is more environmentally friendly than Reusing.
Reusing is more environmentally friendly than Recycling.
Recycling is more environmentally friendly than Composting.
Composting is more environmentally friendly than Discarding.

This section of the Website is about the 3RC-D principle and in it you will find segments on Reduction, Reusing, Recycling, Composting and Discarding.

In addition, you will find information regarding the Écocentre as well as the disposal of bulky items and hazardous household waste.

Your role as a citizen is to sort the material to ensure that it is either reused or discarded in an environmentally safe manner. This section will guide you in this sorting.

During the winter months, we ask that you remove the snow and/or ice from your bins on collection days, so that it does not hinder the garbage collectors’ in their work.

Consult the Residual Waste Sorting Guide

Consult the 2022 calendar

The guide provides information to help your properly sort your home generated waste (recyclables, compostable material, trash, hazardous household waste, bulky items, computer equipment, etc.) so that these items can be useful once more.


Ça va où? A new app concerning waste material

Would you like to know how to dispose of certain materials?

You can now download the mobile application Ça va où? where you will find useful information on how to properly sort your waste materials and where to dispose of them (eg. bin, Ecocentre, etc.).

What to do with our waste?

The Découverte program on January 9th, 2022, paints a portrait of waste management in Quebec. This is a must see to understand how waste is buried and the possible solutions. We also discuss your role as a citizen, to sort materials at source. Click here to watch the report.