Recycling printed material, packaging and containers through selective collection via the blue bin, aims to create new products from these materials. Recycling involves physically transforming one material into another through a manufacturing process. This allows us to make new products without using new natural resources.

To recycle, you must place your containers, paper packaging and printed material, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal items into the blue bin, which will be picked up during door-to-door collection.

Collection Day

COVID-19 : The pick-up of recyclables is maintained according to the regular schedule.

If someone has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been in direct contact with an infected person, as a preventive measure, they are asked to put all of their residual materials (recycling and compost) into the trash,

Please consult the residual material collection schedule   (2020 Calendar) and the interactive map to find out the pick-up day for your area.

Acceptable items for the blue bin bac_bleu

Sheets of paper, newspaper, flyers, magazines and directories

Rolls, egg cartons, cardboard packaging
Aseptic containers Tetra PakMD
Gable top milk, cream and juice cartons

Bottles and jars (no matter the colour)

Aluminum plates and foil tin cans
Soft drink cans
Caps and lids
Hangers and other small metal items (tools)
Nails and screws

Plastic no 1sanstexte 2sanstexte 3sanstexte 4sanstexte 5sanstexte 7sanstexte
Water, juice and soft drink bottles
Food containers (ex.: yogurt, margarine)
Personal hygiene product packaging (ex.: shampoo)
Household cleaning product packaging (ex.: laundry soap)
Plastic bags (fill a bag with bags)
Caps and lids (removed from their containers)

Tips and Tricks

  • Rinse containers before putting them into the blue bin
  • Fill a plastic bag with all other plastic bags (i.e. grocery bag, bread bag, Ziploc bags, etc.)
  • Place food stained paper and cardboard into the brown bin
  • Separate the different items from a same product (separate the plastic cookie tray from the cookie box)
  • Remove flyers from the plastic bag before putting them in the blue bin


How are recyclables used after the blue bin?

Once placed in your blue bin, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal are valuable and can be used to manufacture new products without the use of new natural resources.

These items are transformed…

  • Fine paper… writing paper, toilet paper, envelopes
  • Newspaper… egg cartons, insulation panels for homes, cereal boxes
  • Plastic… new bottles, carpets, recycling bins or flower boxes
  • Metal… motor parts, tin cans or tools
  • Glass… jars, bottles or insulation material (mineral wool)


Where can you obtain a bin?

When you move into a new residence, the Municipality provides you with a blue bin. To obtain one, please call Compo Recycle at 450 882-9186, ext. 106

Please note that the bin is assigned to the building. If you move, the bin must remain at the house.