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rawdon interdiction tondre-FinalSince 2008, the RCM of Matawinie’s Interim Control By-law pertaining to the protection of shorelines and floodplains, requires that the shorelines of all lakes and waterways must be left in their natural state. The by-law is available here.

We invite you to consult the 2013 shoreline resident’s green guide, downloadable here. The following are some of the topics covered:

Restoring the shoreline’s natural appearance

  • By-law pertaining to the protection of shorelines
  • Protected lakes and waterways
  • The width of bank that must be protected
  • Where does the shoreline begin?
  • How to calculate the shoreline’s slope
  • How to create an access to the lake
  • Green window
  • Artificial shoreline, what should I do?
  • Special cases
  • What is non-compliant in the shoreline?
  • Example of a compliant shoreline
  • The advantages of a natural shoreline
  • What authorizations are required?


  • Is your dock environmentally friendly?
  • Where to build a dock?
  • Types of authorized docks
  • Recommended material
  • Launching ramp
  • Storage
  • Required authorizations
  • Respectful navigation for all

What authorizations are required?

Certain projects are permitted in the shoreline strip. Any shoreline project carried out for private purposes (for personal and/or family use) must be authorized by the Municipality. You can request a permit from the Department of Permits and Inspections.

If your project involves:

  • Planting;
  • Access to the water (path);
  • The construction of a staircase on stilts;
  • The creation of a green window;
  • Construction-repair of a dock;

you must submit a description of the projected work, along with a project location plan, so that they can be analyzed.  We recommend using your certificate of location to make your plan. It can be done by hand.  The Environmental Officer is available to advise you on your project (i.e. choice of plants, location, work method, etc.)

If your project involves natural stabilization (with plants), your permit application must be accompanied by a plan and estimate prepared by a professional specialized in the environment.

If your project involves the mechanical stabilization of your shoreline strip, (i.e. rockfill, retaining walls, etc.) your permit application must be substantiated by an engineer and must include a plan and estimate prepared by the latter.

To submit your permit application, please fill out the form

Planting in the shoreline strip

Here is a partial list of companies that help you with a planting plan as well as nurseries that offer indigenous plants for shorelines:

  • Paysage gourmand | 4433, ch. Carroll, Rawdon, 450 834-1919
  • Pépinière aux Arbres Fruitiers | Rawdon, 514 418-4109
  • Ô Jardin d’Ô pépinière | 6760, route 125, Rawdon, 450 882-1234
  • Centre du jardin Delorme | 3665, rue Queen, Rawdon, 450 834-6764
  • Pierric Bruneau, horticulteur-paysagiste | Rawdon, 450 834-1561
  • Pépinière St Aubin inc. | 493, rte de Sainte-Béatrix, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, 450 883-0981
  • Aménagement Bio-Forestier Rivest | 6880, rg Saint-Joseph, Saint-Zénon, 450 884-5111
  • Éco GesPro (coopérative de solidarité) | 104, rue Saint-Jacques, Saint-Jacques, 450 839-3330
  • Aqua-Berge | 125, rue Oliva-Turgeon, Sherbrooke, 819 821-2163
  • Aménagement Nature’Eau-Lac inc. | 164, rue Miquelon, Saint-Camille, 819 570-8247

To find out more about the recommended plants for shoreline strips:

Click here for more information on planting and the maintenance of a shoreline.

Here is a table that summarizes what is recommended, authorized with a municipal permit or prohibited in the shoreline strip of a lake or waterway.

List of recommended, permitted and prohibited interventions in a shoreline strip

(This information does not replace the legal texts of the Municipality’s By-law no 110-2007)