Method of Payment

Please note that the online payment is not available at this time.


The Municipal Council has announced that the second tax instalment, due April 20th, will be postponed to June 1st 2020.  If you are paying your taxes with post-dated cheques, the Municipality will automatically cash your April 20th cheque on June 1st , unless advised otherwise.

2020 – Tax payments:

  1. March 1st
  2. April 20th (postponed to June 1st)
  3. June 1st
  4. July 20th
  5. September 1st
  6. October 20th
  7. November 30th (replaces the instalment due on April 20th)


On your financial institution’s website: enter the 19 digits of your roll number

By mail: send us a post-dated cheques

By debit card: at the ATM or counter at most financial institutions

By cash: at the front desk of Town Hall