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Eco-friendly lawn

A green lawn, short and even, has long been the symbol of perfect landscaping! However, this type of lawn is now singled-out as it is the cause of a great waste of drinking water as well as a source of pollutants by excessive mowing and the use of pesticides.

Today’s lawn is synonymous with diversity and its maintenance is clever, saving time and money!

The following are the main tips for having an eco-friendly lawn
Ensure adequate watering
Diversify the types of grass
Practice grasscycling and leafcycling
Prevent and manage undesirables (insects and weeds)

The first tip to implement for an ecological lawn is to maintain a cutting height greater than 6.5 cm. In general, when the lawn is kept at this height, the turk is more resistant to weeds, requires less water and is lesss suitable for an insect invasion.

Example of the ideal cutting height (source: MELCC):

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