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Municipal services

The Municipality of Rawdon is proud to be able to count on a qualified, dedicated team driven by citizen satisfaction.

The Mayor’s Office

Mayor : Raymond Rougeau

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, poste 7107
Email : rrougeau@rawdon.ca 

Mr. Raymond Rougeau, was elected mayor of Rawdon on November 7th 2021, and plays a well-defined role which consists of:

  • Representing all of the citizens of the Municipality;
  • Preside over council meetings;
  • Sign documents on behalf of the Municipality;
  • Ensure that regulations and resolutions are carried out;
  • Ensure that the Municipality’s revenues are collected and spent as intended.

The mayor has the right to monitor, investigate and control the Municipality and the work of municipal officials.

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Director : Mireille Guilbault

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7114
Email : mguilbeault@rawdon.ca

This department is responsible for the advertising and promotion of the Municipality and its employees, the citizens, organizations, business people and the media. It also coordinates municipal website and social media updates.

Other duties include the development and implementation of policies and tools for consultation, internal and external communication, such as the municipal bulletin Le Rawdonnois.  It also oversees protocol activities, public relations and advertising. 

General Administration

Director General : François Dauphin

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7100
Email : dg@rawdon.ca

The General Administration team is responsible for managing the Municipality (orientation, development, administration) and for promoting and maintaining ties between the municipal council and the administrative team.  The Director General is the Municipality’s first official and under the authority of the municipal council.  Along with him, the directors of the various administrative departments form a management committee.  In collaboration with the Town Clerk’s office, the Director General ensures the management of human resources. The General Administration team plans, organizes, directs and coordinates all municipal services. It prepares the budget, the planning of the fixed assets program, the analysis and execution of draft by-laws, the application of policies and council decisions, in addition to submitting recommendations in matters of administering the Municipality. 

Finance Department

Director : Carole Landry

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7113
Email : comptabilite@rawdon.ca

The Finance Department, which acts as assistant secretary-treasurer, is responsible for ensuring the proper management of the Municipality’s financial resources.  This department implements administrative controls, sees to their application and coordinates budget monitoring throughout the fiscal year.

In addition, it issues annual and complementary tax accounts and manages their collection, administers all accounting and payroll processing and oversees temporary loans, long-term debt and their financing.  To ensure the well-being of the Municipality’s overall finances, this department works with all of the other departments on a daily basis and reports to the General Administration. 

For any questions relating to property evaluations, citizens must refer to the Evaluation Department of the Matawinie RCM: evalu@matawinie.org

Budget and Financial Reports

Town Clerk’s Office

Director : Caroline Gray

Contact information

Phone: 450 834-2596, ext. 7110
Email: greffe@rawdon.ca 

The Town Clerk’s Office is at the heart of all activities pertaining to municipal council meetings, to which it serves as Secretary General.  It offers the legal and administrative support necessary for the holding and follow-up of the meetings.  It sees to the drafting of regulations, prepares the public notices as required by law and obtains approval of regulations and resolutions when necessary. It oversees voting procedures in municipal elections or referendums.  In addition, it ensures the smooth operation of registry procedures.

The Town Clerk’s Office manages all of the Municipality’s administrative documents and archives, while seeing to the legal follow-up in matters of claims and insurance.  Along with the Director General, the Town Clerk supervises the management of human resources.

Recreation and Culture

Director : Isabelle Ménard

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7160
Email : loisirs@rawdon.ca 

The Department of Recreation and Culture’s mission is to contribute to the quality of life of all citizens by offering a range of recreational and cultural activities that meet the needs of all ages.

By highlighting an exceptional environment and a rich cultural heritage focused on multiculturalism, the Department of Recreation and Culture, in collaboration with local organizations, animates, entertains and aims to promote physical activity in the Rawdon community.

This department is responsible for establishing a diversified program that is offered throughout the year, by highlighting the infrastructure of parks, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pool and community centre that are currently found in the municipality. It also manages the operation of the recreational tourist sites of Dorwin Falls Park, Cascades Park and the municipal beach of Rawdon Lake, as well as the Tourist Information Office. 

Consult the activity program

Human Resources

Human Resources Assistant (HRA) : Anouk Poitras-Guilbeault

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7154
Email : RHumaines@rawdon.ca

This department assists the General Director and manages and monitors human resource files, especially with regard to payroll, monitoring collective agreements and labor relations, performance management, health and safety at work, hiring and training of personnel.  To this end, the HRA provides directors with support and expertise in human resources management.

Working for the Municipality of Rawdon

Fire Department

Director : Éric Dontigny

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7142
Email : incendie@rawdon.ca

The Fire Department has the mandate of ensuring the protection of individuals, property and the environment. 

This department is made up of more than 20 part-time firefighters and an internal on-call team at the station during the week.  In addition to the traditional role of firefighting and disaster response, it emphasizes fire prevention through public education and community involvement, to reduce the risks of fire throughout the entire municipality. 

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Town Planning and the Environment / Sustainable Developmen

Director : Luc Boulianne

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7116
Email : urbanisme@rawdon.ca

Sustainable Development

Director : Rémi Racine

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7191
Email : ddurable@rawdon.ca 

The Department of Town Planning and the Environment has the mandate to oversee the harmonious and balanced use of the territory, for all urban, rural and resort functions.  This is done in consultation with the population and numerous stakeholders.

To do this, the department relies on a team of professionals and technicians who manage all aspects of such planning and ensure that all current town planning regulations are applied.  It is also responsible for the environment, as well as complaints regarding nuisances and town planning.

It is here that you must submit your applications for the permits and or certificates of authorization that are required to carry out any construction projects, in compliance with current regulations.

Online Permit Applications

Department of Public Works – Division of Environmental Health and Infrastructure Projects

Director : Hugo Lebreux

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7121
Courriel : hlebreux@rawdon.ca

Secretary : Josée Gravel

Contact information

Email : travaux.publics@rawdon.ca 

The Department of Public Works – The Division of Environmental Health and Infrastructure Projects is responsible for providing services to the public related to the infrastructure that is in place, by maintaining their functioning, operation and maintenance.  This also includes the design and implementation of municipal projects connected to public networks (aqueduct, sanitary and storm sewers), such as their construction.

Division de la voirie

Directeur : Dominic Leclerc


Téléphone : 450 834-2596 poste 7106
Courriel : travaux.publics@rawdon.ca

Rôle & responsabilités

Cette division a pour mandat d’assurer les services à la population reliés à l’entretien de la voie publique, dont notamment : pavage des routes municipales, signalisation routière, nettoyage et profilage de fossés, élagage, éclairage public, déneigement et entretien de la flotte de véhicules municipaux.

Department of Public Works – The Division of Roadworks and Parks and Green Spaces

Contact information

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7106
Email : travaux.publics@rawdon.ca  

Secretary: Josée Gravel

Phone : 450 834-2596, ext. 7120
Email : travaux.publics@rawdon.ca

The Department of Public Works – The Roadworks and Parks and Green Spaces Division is responsible for providing public services related to the maintenance of public roads and their infrastructures, namely:

  • Paving of municipal roads;
  • Road signs;
  • Cleaning and digging of ditches;
  • Tree pruning;
  • Public lighting;
  • Snow removal;
  • Maintenance of the fleet of vehicles.
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