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Choosing Rawdon

The Municipality of Rawdon is the largest municipality in the Matawinie RCM, located in the heart of Lanaudière. It stretches from the lowlands of the St-Lawrence to the Laurentian Mountain range, thus providing it with a rich natural environment and a strategic geographical location. Lush nature only 60 minutes north of Montreal.

Choosing Rawdon also means choosing to join a diversified community that is both open and forward-looking. In this central municipality in northern Lanaudière, you will find all of the essential shops and services.

Working in Rawdon

It is certainly for the quality of life and proximity of services that we choose to work in Rawdon!  The Municipality is enjoying economic growth, relying on more than 310 enterprises that provide over 3,400 jobs.

The sectors with the largest employers are manufacturing, tourism, restaurant, forestry and natural resources and health. 

The Municipality of Rawdon is itself an employer of choice.  Check for any job postings and you too can contribute to the Municipality’s quality of life.


We also choose Rawdon for the quality of the numerous schools found here.  Rawdon has one private and three public primary schools, one public and one private secondary school, as well as a continuing education school for adults.

It is also possible to pursue college and university studies in schools located close to Rawdon, in the Lanaudière region.

Primary Schools

École Sainte-Anne 

3790, Lac-Morgan Rd.
Rawdon (Quebec)  J0K 1S0

Phone: 450 758-3701

École Saint-Louis 

3763, Albert St.
Rawdon (Quebec) J0K 1S0

Phone: 450 758-3704

Rawdon Elementary School 

3141, Queen St.
Rawdon (Quebec)  J0K 1S0

Phone: 450 834-2427

École Marie-Anne – Private School 

4567, Mont-Pontbriand St.
Rawdon (Quebec)  J0K 1S0

Phone: 450 834-4668 

Website  Facebook

Secondary Schools

École secondaire des Chutes 

3144, 18th Avenue
Rawdon (Quebec)  J0K 1S0

Phone: 450 758-3749

Collège Champagneur – Private School

3713, Queen St.
Rawdon (Quebec)  J0K 1S0

Phone: 450 834-5401 


The school boards servicing the Municipality of Rawdon are:

Centre de services scolaire des Samares

Phone: 450 758-3500

Sir Wilfrid-Laurier School Board (anglophone)

Phone: 450 621-5600

Daycare Centres

Since November 2015, parents from all over Quebec can register for subsidized childcare services in the province through LaPlace0-5.com.

Please note that the head of home childcare services in Rawdon is the Coordinating Office of CPE La Chenille inc.

CO - CPE La Chenille Inc.

750, de l’Église St., Chertsey (Québec) J0K 3K0
450 882-2020

Centre de la Petite Enfance Éduc-Atout

3257, 9th Avenue
450 834-7575

Centre de la Petite Enfance Tirelou

3859, Queen St.
450 834-6118

Garderie éducative Les Savants Lionceaux Inc.

4100, Queen St.
450 834-4333

Garderie éducative Préma

4567, Mont-Pontbriand St.
450 834-4668

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