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Open fire ban

April 15th 2021 update

The fire ban has been lifted

The Fire Department will cease issuing fire permits as April 9th 2021.


For the last few days, the SOPFEU’s fire hazard risk index is at HIGH.  The rising temperatures forecast for the weekend, the lack of rain and a very low humidity level favour the outbreak of brush and forest fires.  Consequently, no permit will be issued until further notice.


We remind you that, prior to lighting any open fire, it is mandatory to obtain a burning permit, available free of charge during the Town Hall office hours.  It is very important to monitor the SOPFEU fire hazard risk index at the bottom of the municipality’s website homepage.  Please note that, if the index is at HIGH, VERY HIGH or EXTREME, the Fire Department may temporarily stop issuing permits to reduce the risk of fires during this time.


Unfortunately, every spring several brush fires are caused by citizens who underestimate the risk associated with burning.