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Municipal committees

As part of their duties, elected municipal officials are called upon to sit on various committees.  Born of different sectors of activity, through their actions and recommendations, these committees act to optimize the services offered to citizens and contribute to the quality of life in Rawdon.

Town Planning Advisory Committee

Elected officials on this committee: Josianne Girard and Jean Kristov Carpentier

The Town Planning Advisory Committee (CCU), as mandated by the municipal council, gives its opinions and recommendations in matters pertaining to town planning and land development. 

Although the CCU is fundamentally an advisory and non-decision-making body, it nevertheless plays an undeniable role in the mission of planning and administering the municipal territory.

Environmental Advisory Committee (CCE)

Elected officials on this committee: Kimberly St Denis and Raynald Michaud

The Environmental Advisory Committee (CCE) is mandated by the municipal council to submit opinions and recommendations on any request submitted to it in terms of the environment and any file relating to the quality and protection of the environment.   The CCE is made up of five to seven members, residents of Rawdon and two members of the municipal council.  

The Matawinie RCM Waste Management Program

Elected officials on this committee: Kimberly St Denis and Raynald Michaud

The Loi sur la qualité de l’environnement requires regional municipalities to establish, review and implement a waste management plan (WMP). A WMP is a planning tool to facilitate regional decisions and the pooling of services and to ensure the concerted and coordinated management of residual materials.

Human Resources and Finance

Elected officials on this committee: Stéphanie Labelle and Jean Kristov Carpentier

This committee plays a watchdog role and issues opinions on the Municipality’s fiscal health, including the management of its assets.  It also makes recommendations regarding financial and personnel management practices.

Municipal Housing Office (OMH) of Matawinie

Elected officials on this committee: Kimberly St Denis and/or Stéphanie Labelle in replacement

The Municipal Housing Office is a public non-profit organization, independent of the municipality.  Its main mission is to administer and develop low-income housing for families and individuals. In addition to managing HLM housing, it administers private rent supplement programs and can also develop and administer buildings under other social housing programs such as Accès-logis and Logements abordables.

To contact the MHO of Matawinie

450 834-3317 | 3220, 12th Avenue, Rawdon

Director: Caroline Breau

Email: info@ohmatawinie.com


Elected officials on this committee: Stéphanie Labelle, Josianne Girard and Kimberly St Denis

Rawdon’s Heritage Committee is made up of various municipal players, heritage organizations, professionals and citizens interested, directly or indirectly, in Rawdon’s heritage.

Main Streets, Public Market and Merchants

Elected officials on this committee: Bruno Desrochers and/or Stéphanie Labelle

Supported by the Rues principales organization, this working committee, made up of merchants and citizens, is participating in discussions in order to guide the eventual revitalization of Queen Street in Rawdon.

The Citizen’s Quarter and Culture

Elected officials on this committee: Josianne Girard and Raynald Michaud

The Citizen’s Quarter and Culture Committee, suggests guidelines, strategies and policies on questions relating to cultural life and the realization of the Citizen’s Quarter project.

Age-Friendly Municipality (MADA)

Elected officials on this committee: Kimberly St Denis and/or Stéphanie Labelle

To enable seniors to age in good health, the municipal administration has adopted its Age-Friendly Municipality policy.  The committee periodically carries out its review, thus always ensuring the relevance of the actions to be taken for the active aging of Rawdon residents and offer them an optimal quality of life by implementing the targeted actions. 

Family Policy

Elected officials on this committee: Kimberly St Denis and/or Josianne Girard

In order to adapt to the changing needs of families living here, the Municipality of Rawdon has revised its family policy; a valuable tool that places families at the heart of its decision-making and aims for their fulfillment.  The committee members periodically revisit this policy so that they may present the citizens of Rawdon a tool that continues to reflect their needs, all the while ensuring the implementation of the proposed actions.

Substitute at the Matawinie RCM

Stéphanie Labelle

The RCM Council is made up of the mayors of all of the local municipalities found on the Matawinie RCM’s territory. The RCM Council defines the main guidelines and makes decisions, in accordance with the powers and responsibilities entrusted to it by the Government of Quebec and the municipalities of which it is comprised, as well as in accordance with the powers exercised by the RCM.

Coordination Office – Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development

All the members of the Municipal Council

Our strategic planning process reflects the Municipality of Rawdon’s commitment to meet the community’s needs, by integrating the principals of sustainable development into its governance and management practices.  The main objective of this approach is to adopt a long-term vision in order to ensure the Municipality’s sustainable development.