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Recreational Tourism Sites – Attendance Assessment

Rawdon, October 26th, 2020 | The season ended on Thanksgiving Day and the Municipality has taken stock of an unusual but positive season in terms of attendance at its recreational tourism sites, including the municipal beach and Dorwin Falls Park.

Despite the pandemic and thanks to the measures deployed by Rawdon’s administration and employees, the recreational tourism facilities were officially open 110 days, between May 16th and October 12th.  When the weather was fine, nearly 800 people visited either one or the other of Rawdon’s natural settings.  Admission fees were raised slightly for non-resident visitors, while the municipality’s residents were able to continue enjoying free access to these sites.

Changes to the management of park admissions improved traffic control and financed the numerous additional sanitary measures.  To ensure tranquility on the grounds, security guards were hired to help the onsite special constables and parking fines were increased.  Various new measures also contributed to the season’s smooth running, including shortened opening hours and the distribution of compostable bags to promote cleanliness.


An eventful start to the season

Rawdon will long remember the hectic start to the season, when its natural attractions fell victim to their own beauty by an excessive, sometimes disrespectful crowd.  To reverse this trend that was triggered by the confinement last spring, the Municipality, in less than one week, modified the management of its recreational tourism sites to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

Mayor Bruno Guilbault looks back on this first beautiful summer weekend of the COVID-19 pandemic: “As soon as the overflow was observed, we reacted by reserving access to our sites strictly to our residents. This gave us time to plan admission controls as well as new safety and monitoring measures. In hindsight, I think that it was the best thing to do.  In all humility, I believe that we set an example for a number of Quebec municipalities who were also faced with the overcrowding phenomenon”.